Monument Cleaning and Maintenance
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FULL SERVICE. Along with removing stains, debris, leaves, lichen and dirt from the grave site, we offer a complete, environmentally-sensitive cleaning of all headstones, footstones and markers.  We do our utmost to maintain the clean, original appearance of the monument and the site.

MAINTENANCE PACKAGES. We offer maintenance packages that range from a single cleaning at your request to regularly scheduled follow-up cleanings, with services that include inspection, removal of stains, dirt and debris, as well as keeping the lettering and engraved elements clean and legible with hand cleaning or careful rinsing.

RESTORATION. In addition to scheduled cleanings, the professionals at Eternal Memorials have the expertise to help you with craftsman-quality restoration for more seriously damaged stones or monuments. If there is severe weathering, or the stone is otherwise chipped, cracked or visibly damaged, we will fully repair it. Upon request, we can email you a photo of the site after the cleaning or repair.


PRESERVING THE MONUMENT of a loved one is an act of caring, and remembrance.

REGULAR CLEANING of the headstone, marker or family monument serves to preserve not only the physical site, but a memory. As time passes, it continues to show veneration and respect to the life and spirit of your loved one.

MORE THAN APPEARANCE.  Cleanings serve more than a cosmetic function. They help to preserve the stone itself, fending off the deterioration caused by pollution, wind and exposure to the elements which can erode your memorial’s face and engraving.

AT ETERNAL MEMORIALS of NY, we carefully clean and maintain both newer and significantly older headstones and monuments, including:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Brownstone
  • And other materials


Memorials Pressure Washed



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cleaning monuments
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cleaning monuments
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